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What is meant by wealth planning?

India’s rapid economic growth with the support of IT, BT, Manufacturing and financial sectors has provided an immense opportunity to Indians for investing their money in profitable ventures and to earn high returns. Nowadays getting 30 - 40 % return on the investment has become very common. But, for all of us choosing the right investment avenue has become very difficult. It’s all about doing lot of research work to get the complete insight of the particular industry or company or a fund and to allocate the right percentage of assets in different sectors after considering the risk and return ratios of all the sectors.

Choosing the Right investment avenue does not depend only on the risk and returns ratios, but also on the individual needs of ours. Our needs may be to built a new house, accumulate money for children’s education or marriage, buy a new car, going for vacation or accumulating money for retirement etc. Accumulating funds for all these important needs are a very critical job, where in we have to consider lot of constraints and barriers. The constraints and barriers may be like low income, less period of time, low returns, high inflation rates etc. Therefore, to plan our financial needs in the better way we must have the knowledge of effective wealth management or an expert financial consultant who can help us.

Wealth management is a term that originated in US during 1990s. It can be regarded as a sophisticated form of private banking that provides various types of investment, banking and insurance services which suits our individual financial needs.

Wealth management can also be classified in to advanced form of financial planning providing individuals and families with services such as private banking, estate planning, asset management, taxation advice and portfolio management. Accordingly, wealth management encompasses asset management, client advisory services and the distribution of investment products.

Wealth Management helps us through

  • It help us to manage wealth in a better way,
  • We need not to spend much time in managing our wealth; we can take the help of an expert wealth manager.
  • An effective wealth management and an expert wealth manager avoid us from complicated transactions and a lot of paper work of the banks.
  • It provides proper planning of estate or investment of the assets based on our personal criteria and financial goals.
  • It helps to develop an appropriate strategy to achieve financial goals.
  • It helps to analyze our financial position, balances and asset allocation, which lead to maintain track and is positioned for success.

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