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How to Make Claim on a Life Insurance Policy

Fill the form yourself:

In order that your claim is settled and your dependents get the money make sure to fill in all details yourself. Do not allow the insurance agent to fill the form on your behalf. If there are any major errors or omissions it might mean your claim is rejected and your loved ones will get no money from the policy.

If you are a smoker mention it:

These would mean a higher premium for your life insurance policy but it is best to disclose it as if it is found out later your claim will not be settled.

Make it a point to disclose all life insurance policies you have:

If you have taken life insurance policies from a number of different insurance Companies make sure to mention all of them. Many life insurance Companies disregard your claims if you have taken life insurance policies from more than a single life insurance Company.

So how is your claim settled?

You need to intimate the insurance Company as soon as possible on the death of your loved one so that your claim is processed as soon as possible.

You need to mention the policy number, name of the policy holder, date of death, cause of death and place of death as well as the claimant’s name. You need to provide a letter of the claim, FIR report, Post mortem report (in case of accidental death) as well as medical certificates in case of hospitalization.

The claim depends on thematurity/sum assured amounts as well as cause of death and the duration for which the policy was taken. All the documents need to reach the Insurer as soon as possible and then the Insurer makes a decision on the claimed amounts based on the cause of death as well as other factors.

All claims are settled on an average within 30 days and if there is an investigation the maximum time period is 6 months. The payments are made to you through electronic fund transfer or through a cheque.


It is very necessary that you have a nominee for your policy otherwise there are a lot of hassles in the claim settlement process. If a registered will (Probate) is made and the claimants name is mentioned he/she will get the settlement amount.

What should you do if you find your spouse’s life insurance policy which he has neglected to mention and is now deceased?

  • You find your deceased spouses life insurance policy in a safe or a filing cabinet.
  • You call the number mentioned in the policy document.
  • Wait for the policy forms to arrive through mail.
  • Complete the documentation on arrival of the policy forms and send to the mailed address of the life insurance policy.
  • The proceeds from the policy would be paid out in regular installments or as a lump sum.
  • After claim verification the money should arrive in a couple of weeks.

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