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What happens to your family if you don't have enough Insurance cover?

Under any circumstances, the loss of a loved one is a shocking experience. But, if one’s family is also left without sufficient money to meet basic living needs, they will have to cope with a financial crisis at the same time. Depending upon their current financial resources and ability to "get back on their feet" emotionally and economically, his/her family might be forced to move to a less attractive home or community, abandon education and career plans, reorder family priorities (such as the amount of time spent with the children) and, in general, cut back on the quality of life they have worked hard to achieve.

Their family might even be forced to go into debt simply to pay the expenses, like funeral costs, taxes, and medical bills that result from his/her death. A moment's reflection will tell you that the lack of adequate life insurance coverage when a loved one dies can have devastating consequences for a family.

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